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Why is our horsebox so different?

  • The unique space frame construction allows our horsebox to be approximately two thirds the unladen weight of conventional trailers without sacrificing strength - yet still capable of carrying two full size horses.
  • 1800kg maximum laden weight.
  • Safety cage construction protects animals in the event of an accident.
  • Single axle with large diameter tyres provides much improved performance both on and off road.
  • High deflection leaf spring suspension for improved ride.
  • Easy for one person to manoeuvre by hand.
  • Large area breast bar for improved horse safety and comfort.
  • High impact and fully adjustable divider allows safe transportation of different size horses.
  • Zinc and powder coated steel for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • All bolted construction allowing for the replacement of ALL parts.
  • Multi purpose - able to transport large items and wheeled vehicles. The ramp has a low step up. The breast bar, divider and even the roof are completely removable.
The UK towing regulations.

It used to be the case that once you had passed your car test (cat B), you could legally tow a trailer (cat E). For an explanation of these licence categories see HERE. Drivers who passed their car test before 1st January 1997 still have this entitlement - under something called "Grandfather rights."

People who passed their (cat B) car test on or after 1st January 1997 are required to pass a separate test to gain full (cat E) trailer entitlement on their licence. There are some exceptions to this rule and these drivers can legally tow a trailer providing certain conditions are met. In brief:

Whilst this means you can tow a small trailer to take garden rubbish to the tip, this doesn't allow you to tow something like a horsebox! However, there is another exception where all three rules must be met:

Rule 1. The maximum possible weights of both the towing vehicle and trailer combined must not exceed 3500kg and
Rule 2.

The maximum "plated" weight of the trailer must not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle and

Rule 3. The actual weight of the trailer must not exceed the vehicle manufacturers towing limit.

For further clarification of these rules and the trailer test click HERE to visit DirectGov.

Who can use our horsebox?

* We've checked a wide variety of vehicles. Further down this page is a table showing our findings of some vehicles' suitability for drivers without full trailer entitlement.


Some suitable towing vehicles.

For post 1997 drivers without full trailer entitlement:

The table below shows some popular vehicles and how many models in the range are suitable towing vehicles for drivers without full trailer entitlement on their licence.

Manufacturer Model Suitable?
Audi A3 Most
A5 Most
A6 Some
A8 Few
BMW 1 series Most
3 series Most
5 series Most
7 series None
X1 Most
X3 Most
X5 / X6 Few
Ford Fiesta None
C-max Most
Focus Most
S-max None
Mondeo Most
Kuga (2 & 4 WD) Most
Honda Civic Most
Accord Most
CR-V Most
Kia Ceed Most
Sorento Few
Sportage Most
Landrover Defender / Discovery None
Freelander (old) Some
Freelander2 (new) None
Range Rover None


Manufacturer Model Suitable?
Mazda 2 series Few
3 series Most
5 series Most
6 series Most
Mitsubishi Outlander Some
Shogun None
Nissan Murano / Pathfinder None
X-Trail Most
Note None
Qashquai Most
Qashquai+2 Most
Peugeot 207 Some á
308 Most
407 Most
807 None
5008 Most
Toyota Landcruiser None
Rav4 Most
Urban Cruiser None
Avensis Most
Auris Some
Verso Most
Vauxhall Corsa Some
Astra Most
Insignia Most
Vectra Most
Zafira Most

The suitable column indicates whether we found most, some, few or none of the model variants to be legal towing vehicles when paired with our horsebox (carrying a 500kg horse) and driven by a "cat B only" licence holder. This is due to engine type / size and trim level. This list is not exhaustive but represents a number of popular vehicles that we have researched.
á Some of the Peugeot 207 range can tow but only carrying a SMALL load of up to approx 450kg.

Towing calculator.

At launch a calculator will be available to download in standard Excel format (~45KB) advising cat B only drivers if their vehicle is suitable to tow our horsebox and how much load they can legally carry.

To the letter of the law, the kerb weight listed on the log book is NOT the same as the "unladen weight" used to determine a legal towing combination.  With just a few details from the log book and user manual, the calculator will work all this out and advise accordingly.



Project status.

With the Mk1 prototype built we carried out rigorous heavy duty testing with 100% success. With public consultation we have redesigned certain aspects of the trailer to include additional functionality. We intend to include video and photographic footage of the pre-production tests of mk2 so you can see for yourself just how our trailer performs.

Driving licence categories.

The term maximum authorised mass (MAM) means the total weight of the vehicle plus the maximum load it can carry safely.




Motor tricycles, quadricycles and three or four wheeled vehicles with an unladen weight no more than 550 kg


Motor vehicles with a MAM of up to 3,500 kg, no more than eight passenger seats, with or without a trailer - weighing no more than 750 kg


As category B but with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. The total weight of the vehicle and the trailer together canít weigh more than 3,500 kg. The weight of the trailer, when fully loaded, canít weigh more than the unladen weight of the vehicle

B auto

As category B with automatic transmission


As category B but with a heavier trailer that isn't covered in the descriptions for category B

For a full list of driving licence categories with explanations click HERE to visit the DirectGov page.

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